Attending Boise Code Camp this year gave me some great ideas for further development. It’s always an inspiration to visit community events like these and learn new things. The most interesting sessions I went to were Making 101, OpenCV(Open Computer Vision), and IOT(Internet of Things) on the cheap.

Creating things like light switches, garage door sensors, and water sensors then connecting them to your phone over the internet was the topic for IOT on the cheap. It gave me some good ideas for components I already have lying around. I’ll have to brush up on my Java skills if I want to make my own Android app, but there are some frameworks that I could use to make things easier.

OpenCV really had my mind going. The person giving the presentation made an application that showed the web cam and on the side it had several different processes that you could select and visualize. The one that intrigued me the most was called Harr. After feeding it a couple hundred pictures of objects that you want to track it would be able to highlight those objects in the camera. It is most popularly used for face detection, but I have other ideas for it.

Overall, I had a great time going to the camp. I learned some new things and got loads of inspiration. There were some boring sessions that I wish I would’ve skipped, but that’s all part of it I suppose. Next year I plan to present my own session for VR game development using Unity. And hopefully I will also host a game jam the night after code camp.