Spunky Dungeon Press Kit

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Being a master treasure hunter, you’ve been called upon by Wilberton. He has sent a team of archaeologists into a cursed dungeon. They have not returned and are in dire need of your help. Can you overcome the dungeon traps and defeat the magic monsters?


Spunky Dungeon started as a game jam game a few years ago. When the world started to feel the effects of Covid-19, which Mobile Mischief also felt, it seemed like a good time to breath new life into long forgotten projects. We came up with a story to match the simple mechanics and then made sure to update all the old software it was running on. In the end it became a beloved project. And to us, the time we spent on Spunky Dungeon will always be looked back upon fondly as a source of joy when there were so many sources of sorrow.



About Mobile Mischief

Mobile Mischief was created by Cody Steen over eight years ago. He started making android apps then quickly transitioned into games and eventually VR. All development has been exclusively VR for the past four years. What keeps us going is the fact that making games is what we love to do. And we strive to do that while making fun experiences for people to enjoy.